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4 Star All Inclusive Beachfront Resort in Cancun Mexico

Travel dates 1/12/25 - 1/18/25 (6 nights) 2 Adults in Luxury Room.

Their price: $2,568.42
Our price:  $2,013.24

$555 Savings!

Does not include Airfare, shuttle, or resort fee ($110.98, charged at check-in)

Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort All Inclusive

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Why should I use a Travel Agent?

Often I am asked by people "Why should I use a Travel Agent when I can just book everything myself?
It's a valid question, and here's my answer:


  1. It costs $0 to use a TA's services. That's right, it actually does not cost a thing to book with an agent! That is because there is commission already built into the price you pay when you book travel, whether you're booking directly with the vendor yourself, or booking through an agent. So by booking directly, you're giving that commission to the person it's meant for, (an agent) and NOT the big corporations.
    It is important to recognize that some agents may charge research or booking fees, or a Retainer fee to protect their time and efforts in case a client ghosts them or books on their own. Normally a retainer fee is refunded after the client has completed their travels. (I.e., it still costs nothing to use an agent, so long as you actually book with them and don't waste their time.)

  2.  You're be supporting a small business owner! TA's are usually 1099 independent contractors, which means we are small business owners. We pay for our certifications, training, marketing, and business expenses out of our own pockets, all because Travel is our passion, and we love helping others plan and book fabulous trips! 

  3. Booking with a TA will save you TIME.  We can take the guesswork out of researching and evaluating the multitudes of destinations available, saving you hours, days, even weeks of your precious time. 

  4. You receive Expert service and guidance. TA's are trained and knowledgeable about the world, the travel industry, travel requirements, destinations, and vendors to book with. We make sure that your travels will be as stress-free as possible by ensuring that you understand the entry/exit requirements of your destinations, double check that you have all of your travel documents in order, discuss cultural and societal differences regarding your destination, and prepare for your departure by providing local recommendations, city guides, custom mapping or itineraries for your journey.

  5. You save MONEY! Now while I can't guarantee that every agent out there can save every client money on every trip ever, I personally, have never failed to provide value to my clients. Travel Agents are industry professionals that are given access to vendors and suppliers for booking travel, often which allows us to find better pricing, packages and special deals for our clients! 

Our Services

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Travel Planning Discussion

Please fill out our Travel Quote Request form before booking this session.

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Comprehensive Trip Research, Custom Itinerary & Map Building

Base level of planning and itinerary building is complimentary with each booking. Extensive research, custom mapping and long itineraries may accrue an additional cost. Please reach out to us for pricing.

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Tips for Travelers

Passports and Renewals

Don't wait to get your passport! 

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